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Virtual Gamification Workshop   

April 10-May 18

Level 2 Gamification Certification  

Learn from the #1 rated Gamification Guru Monica Cornetti and become a better, higher-rated, and considerably more effective trainer, teacher, instructional designer, or human resource professional! This hands-on workshop takes you through the trademarked and proven process of gamifiying your organizational quest.  

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Training Doesn't Work if

Performance Isn't the Goal   

Lou Russell  

Tuesday, April 11th 

11am-12pm EST

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It’s likely this looks NOTHING LIKE the world you are in!

Once upon a time, learners:

  1.  Attended full-week workshops.
  2. They had others who backed them up so they could be fully focused on the learning.
  3. When they returned, their boss and team expected them to be competent in the new things learned, and...
  4. They were expected to apply what they learned immediately.
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Crucial Conversations

Stephen Childs

Thursday, April 20th 

6-830pm EST / $20 members

Nova University, Orlando

Organizations that teach their employees the skills to hold crucial conversations experience results!

Top-rated leaders routinely employ skills that turn diverse thought into synergy and synergy into results by mastering crucial conversations. In short, when the stakes are high, opinions differ, and emotions run strong, the best individuals, teams, and organizations: 

• Speak up and encourage others to do the same—no matter the topic, power difference, or sensitivity of the subject. 

• Create an environment where people share their best ideas, make wise decisions, and then act on those decisions with conviction. 

• Speak persuasively, and not abrasively. 

Based on the award-winning training program, Crucial Conversations, and the bestselling book of the same title, this program will guide you through the steps to mastering crucial conversations to achieve alignment, agreement, and execution.

Join us to learn how its done having one crucial conversation at a time.

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